Imperial Valley Joint Chambers of Commerce

About the Joint Chambers

About the Joint Chambers

The Imperial Valley Joint Chambers of Commerce is a non-profit organization founded as a collaboration of regional chambers of commerce located within the County of Imperial. The intent of the Joint Chambers is for its member chambers to work together with the goal of promoting the Imperial Valley as a whole. Current members include the Brawley, Calexico, El Centro, Imperial, and Westmorland Chambers of Commerce. Their combined focus is on business development, tourism, and legislative advocacy.

Appointed Chamber Representatives 2015-2016:
Les Smith, Chairman - Representing the El Centro Chamber
Theresa Robertson - Representing Brawley Chamber
Lee Hindman - Representing Westmorland Chamber
Mark Allegranza - Representing Holtville Chamber
Kirit Patel - Representing Imperial Chamber
Gil Acuña - Representing Calexico Chamber

Chamber Directors:
Darletta Willis, IOM, El Centro Area Chamber
Julissa Ayala, Imperial Chamber
Becky Miller, Holtville Chamber
Katie Nino, Brawley Chamber
Hildy Carillo, Calexico Chamber

Past Chairpersons:
1999-2000, Ike Adams, Brawley Chamber
2000-2001, Larry Bratton, El Centro Chamber
2001-2002, Daniel Romero, Calexico Chamber
2002-2003, Gene Wilcox, Holtville Chamber
2003-2004, Nadyne Larkins, Imperial Chamber
2004-2005, Carl Russell, Brawley Chamber
2005-2006, Manuel Nunez, Holtville Chamber
2006-2007, Greg Smith, Brawley Chamber
2007-2008, Gary Redfern, Imperial Chamber
2008-2009, Josue Mercado, Westmorland Chamber
2009-2010, Robert Rubio, Calexico Chamber
2010-2011, Aaron Popejoy, El Centro Chamber
2011-2012, Sue Giller, Brawley Chamber
2012-2013, Lee Hindman, Westmoreland Chamber
2013-2014, Les Smith, El Centro Chamber
2014-2015, Les Smith, El Centro Chamber